Thursday, 20 September 2012

What is C#?

C# (pronounced as ‘C sharp’) is a new computer programming language developed by Microsoft Corporation, USA. C#’s chief architect was Anders Hejlsberg. It is fully object oriented language like java and is the first component oriented language. It has been designed to support the key feature of .NET framework, the new development platform of Microsoft for building component based software solutions. It is simple, efficient, productive, and type safe language derived from C and C++ languages. It is a modern language suitable for developing web based applications.
C# is designed for building robust, reliable and durable component to handle real world applications.
  •       It is a brand new language derived from the C/C++ family.
  •       It simplifies and modernizes C++.
  •       It is the only component oriented language available today.
  •       It combines the best features of many commonly used languages: the productivity of Visual Basic, power of C++ and the elegance of java.
  •       It has a lean and consistent syntax.
  •       Major parts of .NET framework are actually coded in C#.


  1. I was searching as what C# was and came across your blog. Your blog give a basic information which a beginner like me always wants to know. Its useful to those who are learning programming language and I recommend beginners (in programming) to read this to get basic knowledge about C#.
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    1. If any one get helped then only, sharing of this type of knowledge will repay and its my pleasure too...thanks for your appreciation ... b'coz I m a beginner too..