AmitRanjanji.com is a website where I put some BCA and MCA programming solutions. At the time of graduation when I was struggling to get proper answers for my questions and solve some programs of C, C++, java and so on, I got the idea of this. I created this blog on blogger to share my knowledge and to help computer students. I published some programs in CC# console application and Shell script. Programming and codding is very interesting work to do. It seems to be a tough job, but it’s not. Just you have to first find out the expected outputs and then go for it. It’s all about syntax, creativity and math, that’s all. This blog was previously known as “Computer Science” and then it becomes “Learn Computer with Amit Ranjan”. Recently in June 2014, I decided to transform this blog into a website. If you have any questions or want to ask anything else you can contact me.