Sunday, 20 May 2012

Discuss the significance of operating system. What are the required features of a good operating system? Give some examples of OS.

The operating system controls computer system resources and coordinates the flow of data to end from the micro processor. At the same time it also controls the flow of data between input and output devices such as keyboard & monitor.

Today most of the operating system perform the following function:

  1. Processor management 
  2. Memory management 
  3. Input Output management 
  4. File management 
  5. Operating system is responsible for automatic transition from job to job as directed by special control statement. 
  6. It is responsible for coordination and assignment of compilers, assembler, utility programs and other software to the various users of the computer system. 
  7. It provides facility for easy communication between the computer system & the computer operator (user). It also establishes data security & integrity. 

Following are the name of some operating system:-

  1. DOS 
  2. windows 
  3. UNIX 
  4. LINUX

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