Sunday, 20 May 2012

What is the pointer? Explain the importance of pointer.

A pointer is a derive data type in C. it is built from one of the fundamental data types available in C. Pointer contains memory address contains the instruction and data as a record.
Pointer is used to access and manipulate data stored in the memory. It is also known as referential variable.
The importance of pointer is given bellow:-
1.     It is more efficient to handling data stored in array or table.
2.     Pointer can be used to turn multiple values from a function via function arguments.
3.     Pointer permits references to functions and there by facilitating passing from function as arguments to other functions.
4.     Pointer allows dynamic memory management.
5.     It provides an efficient to manage structures, link list, stacks and binary trees.
6.     It reduces length and complexity of program.
7.     It increases the execution speed and thus deduces the program execution time.

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