Sunday, 20 May 2012

Discuss what is meant by 4GL & its importance?

          These languages are a class of software designed to simplify the task of developing a new application. These languages are very easy to use. It is designed to concentrate on what task is to be accomplished as compare to 3GL, which focus on how to solve a problem.
          This is also known as problem oriented languages, designed to solve specific problem. The main purpose of these languages is to make more efficient applications. These are also known as DBMS (Data Base management System). It is used to manage data in a systematic order. E.g. FoxPro.
          Importance of 4GL:-
i.                   It is easy to use.
ii.                 A little or no computer knowledge is required to access the 4GL.
iii.              It is machine independent.
iv.              In this language maintenance and modifications of data is very easy.

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