Sunday, 20 May 2012

Discuss the different types of printers.

   The printer generates a permanent hard copy of our work on paper. Printers are available with the variety of printing mechanism, speed and varying qualities. There are mainly two types of printers:
1.     Impact printer
It operates like a typewriter, pressing a typewriter press a type phase against a paper on a ink ribbon or carbon ribbon. Impact printers include all printers that work by striking on ink ribbon. Daisy Wheel, Dot Matrix, Drum printer, Line printer, Chain Printers are the impact printers. These type of printers make noise during printing.
2.     Non-impact printer
This type of printer use thermal, electrostatic, chemical, & inkjet technology. Non impact printers include laser printers, thermal printers, & inkjet printers. This type of printer does not make noise during printing.

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