Sunday, 20 May 2012

Discuss the different types of memory.

A memory system can be considered to be consisting of three groups of memories.
These are following:-
1.     Internal processor memory
2.     Main memory / primary memory
3.     External memory / secondary memory
1. Internal processor memory
          This consist of a small set of high speed registers which are internal to a processor and used as temporary location where actual processing is done.
          Registers are internal processor memory.
2. Primary memory / Main memory
          It is a large memory that is fast but not as fast as internal processor memory. These memories are accessed directly by the processor.
          ROM and RAM are the examples of primary memory.
3. External memory / Secondary memory / Auxiliary memory
          This is large in size than main memory but slower than main memory. It can be used as an overflow memory or virtual memory. In case of, the capacity of main memory has been acceded than these memories are not acceded directly by a processor. First the information of these memories are transferred to the main memory & then the information can be accessed to main memory.
          Hard Disk, Optical Storage, Pen Drive and so on are the examples of External or Secondary memory.

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