Sunday, 15 January 2012

What is Computer?

Computer is a device that can help,solve problems by excepting the data , performing certain operations . Weather logical and arithmatical and then presenting the result of those operations to generate relivent information .
                  In other words , computer is an electronic device, which has following characteristics:-
1:-To except the data supplied by a human user .
2:-To carry out instuctions recieve through input devices.
3:-To carry out laugical and arithmatic operations over the data .
4:-To generate output for the human user as per his requirement.

A complete computer system consists of four parts:  hardware, software, one or more user, & data.
The physical devices that make up the computer are called hardware. Hardware is any part of the computer we can touch. Computer hardware consists of interconnected electronic devices that we can use to control the computer’s operation, input, & output.
          Software is a set of instructions that makes the computer perform tasks. Some programs exist primarily for the computer’s use, helping it perform tasks & manage its own resources. Other types of programs exist for the user, enabling him or her to perform tasks such as creating documents.
          People are the computer operators also known as users. It can be argued that some computer systems are complete without a person’s involvement; however, no computer is totally autonomous. Even if a computer can do its job without a person sitting in front of it, people still design, build, and program & repair computer system.
          Data is a raw material which is used for data processing.

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